Previous Speakers

1992 to 2018

1992  John Ashcroft (Governor of Missouri)

1993  Jay Courtney (NBA Basketball Player)

1994  Anthony Campola (Author)

1995  Adolph Coors (Coors Family)

1996  Richard Baker (International Home Builder)

1997  Dick Capen (Publisher)

1998  Harold Taber Jr. (COO, Coca Cola)

1999  Col. Mac McNair (Air Force Pilot)

2000  Napoleon Kaufman (Oakland Raiders 1995-2000)

2001  Spencer Christian (ABC Weather Man)

2002  Charles Duke (Astronaut, Apollo 16)

2003  Richard Foth (President, Bethany Bible College)

2004  Jim Horsley (Blue Angel)

2005  Fritz Klumpp (Fighter Pilot)

2006  Doug Mazza (Suzuki Motors Board of Directors)

2007  Phil Downer (Discipleship Network of America)

2008  Mark Joseph (CEO, MJM Entertainment Group)

2009  Greg Jamison (CEO, San Jose Sharks)

2010  Rick Hicks (Former Cypress Chief of Police)

2011  Ken Sampson (Military Chaplain)

2012  Judy Martz (Former Governor of Montana)

2013  Judy Martz (Former Governor of Montana)

2014  John Kitna (NFL Quarterback 1996-2013)

2015  Tony Stewart (NFL Tight End 2001-2010

2016​  Megan Alexander (TV Host, Speaker, and Actress)

2017  Ryan Kwon Pastor Resonate Church

2018  Guy Mcintrye ( NFL Guard 1984-1996)

2019  Ruthie Bolton (WNBA Player, Gold Medal Winning Athlete)